Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012

 This year sure did go fast. I can't believe tomorrow will be the first day of 2013.
Vintage treasures were few and far between, pretty much non-existent actually.
So my year in review is a very short list indeed. Here is my list.
Stoneware Snowman Cookie Jar!

Yep, that's it. Pathetic right?

I did find a few pieces of clothing and a pair of black, round toe pumps,
but the shoes were a little bit too big, so yesterday I gave them to my oldest daughter.

The one that got away?
Last weekend I was perusing the free ads on Craigs List and
spotted a chippy, white, vintage chest-of-drawers. Much like the picture here.

I was truly chompin at the bit to go load up that wonderful old piece of furniture
but it was located on the curb in two counties over.

Such a sad situation and I will be haunted by such a dreamy vision probably for years to come.

Hopefully the New Year will be blessed with lots and lots of amazing vintage treasures!!

May your New Year be Blessed with love, laughter, health and some MAD-MONEY for all those yard, garage and estate sales this spring, summer and fall.

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