Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Thrifted in Thirteen!!!

It's rare that I have a splendid idea anymore.
But today,  after reading a post at the Yard Sale Queen Forum about giving gifts
that were thrifted, I thunk me a thought!!

How fun would it be for family members to draw names on New Years Day and then spend the rest of the year treasure hunting for gifts at yard, garage or estate sales.

It would be cool for each family member to make a wish list for things they would love to have that is  vintage or secondhand, then fold the list and write their name on the outside.

Like for instance my wish list might look like the following:
Vintage fabric
Vintage baskets
Vintage holiday cards
Vintage frames
Vintage Kitchen items; cookbooks, aprons, recipe boxes, teapots, etc
Vintage holiday stuff like Shiny Brights, small Santa, Snowman, Pumpkin, Ghost, blow molds.
Pretty much anything vintage would be fun for me to get.

 Now, my mouth would drop open for sure if I could score one of these

Even gently used items would be great to give.
Cute lamps, throw rugs, dishes, cookware, curtains, photo albums, scrapbooks and scrap-booking supplies,sewing notions and material, crafting supplies, scented candles(never been used)
recipe books, recipe cards, games, toys, books, movies, or something to add to a collection.

The possibilities are really endless for what can be bought new with tags and never used at yard sales.

Hmmm, I think I will email my sisters and my brother to see if they want to participate in what I think would be sooooooooo much fun to shop for and to open up at our family gathering!!

So, Happy New Year,  here's hoping that this year's Christmas loot can all be Thrifted in Thirteen.


Anonymous said...

That is such a neat ideal, and we had one of those pumpkin/cat Halloween decorations when I was little!

Kym King said...

Hi Paula,
Thanks for stopping by.
I really think the "Thrifty in Thirteen" challenge will be so much fun. I can hardly wait to begin treasure hunting.
The hard part will be the waiting until Christmas to come around again.
I saw two!! of those pumpkin blow molds on Ebay back in the summer and they sold for...wait for it.......
JUST SIX BUCKS FOR BOTH!! I didnt bid!!!!