Monday, April 25, 2011

Mamaws Biscuits

When I was a little girl sometimes my siblings and I would spend the night at our mamaw Petitt's.
Every morning at the crack of dawn mamaw would wake all six of us up for a hearty breakfast before she left for work as a janitor at the Bethel Elem. School.
This is when I learned to love me some good hot coffee!!
Before the sun even peaked through mamaw was in her kitchen stirring up a batch of homemade biscuits.
In the corner of that kitchen was an old stool that held this lard can full of flour, mamaws rolling pin, the biscuit cutter,(made from a tiny tin can) and her flour sifter.
What I wouldn't give for one of those tiny fluffy biscuits today!!
Below is all the original stuff from mamaws kitchen.

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Yard Bird said...

Hey Kym, We need the recipe for "Mamaws Biscuits"!!!